"Si me preguntais de donde vengo,
tengo que conversar con cosas rotas."

-No Hay Olvido, Pablo Neruda
Monday, June 20, 2005

wanna FAQ?

A brief intermission, since I have come to the belated realization that my profile may be unintentionally misleading people. I made it during one of those afternoons when I had nothing better to do, and amused myself by putting all sorts of improbable, fictitious pieces of information on the profile.

In the interest of the truth, however, here's the real low-down:

  • Am I really in my twenties? Yes - well, for the remainder of this decade, at least. I make no promises for the decades to come.

  • Am I really female? Yes.

  • Am I a truly a Libran who was born in the Year of the Monkey? Yes. People who have worked and/or played with me will tell you that I can be quite monkey-like at times; Monkey by birth and Monkey by nature, that's me.

  • Do I work in Biotech? That's my secret superheroine identity. By day, I masquerade as a meek, unassuming government employee slash writer slash part-time research assistant slash occasional party animal slash kitchen disaster.

  • Am I really a Mad Scientist? If you asked my exes, they just might say yes ... but technically, no. For a list of what I really am, see the answer to the previous question.

  • Am I in Kenya? What the hell kind of city is Lions? I'm truly sorry, but I have never been anywhere in the vicinity of Kenya ... that might change, though, depending on the vagaries of fate. My location was a reference to a Weebls cartoon that my friend G showed me once. As for where I truly am - that's variable, but I can usually be found floating about Southeast Asia.

  • Most importantly: is that REALLY my picture? Yes, it is. If it significantly bothers anyone, I can always replace it with the picture of my back that used to grace my blog, so let me know :D

    In the interest of complete transparency and honesty, I suppose I should also rework my profile on that online friend-network, since on that one I have profiled myself as being (a) in a domestic partnership and (b) in Gibraltar.


    That covers it, I think. My conscience is at peace again.
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