"Si me preguntais de donde vengo,
tengo que conversar con cosas rotas."

-No Hay Olvido, Pablo Neruda
Saturday, June 04, 2005

nothing but filler, the sequel

Despite the fact that I was being (a) depressed and (b) cranky a couple of days ago, Banzai Cat managed to come up with a winning comment:

Hehe that's what you get for watching noontime daily shows.

Whatever on earth convinced you that there would be even SOME benefit in doing so? You could have gone blind!?!

Ayan, na-depress ka tuloy. :D

If I had been drinking water at the time, I would have drowned and Banzai Cat would now be responsible for my death by laughter. Despite the fact that my misery was self-inflicted, however, I continue to watch Wowowee! in bits and pieces because I promised S I'd watch with her. My favorite part of the show, so far, are these two old ladies who are on the gameshow EVERY SINGLE DAY. S - who watches the show religiously - tells me they're regulars; apparently they've been on so often that the show gave them their own special seats and table, to one side of the stage.

Today there was a woman who was having a hard time deciding whether to pick the cash prize or the secret prize - she had changed her mind several times. Money, she'd say, and Willie, the host, would make a big show out of revealing the secret prize. Just before he completely unveiled it, she would suddenly waver: Wait, wait ... I think I want the secret prize! Then Willie would go through the big dramatic unveiling scene one more time and she'd take it back - No, no, wait, I want the money!

What do you think she should do? Willie asked the audience - and as expected, the responses were mixed. Money! half of the crowd shouted. Secret prize! screamed the other half - and just because it's human nature, a few kibitzers yelled out Money AND the secret prize! Of course, this only heightened the contestant's confusion, and she changed her mind several more times. At this point, Willie went over to the two old ladies: Do you have any advice to give to the contestant? he asked. Without saying a word - they usually don't talk on the show, just sit down and watch - both women held up both hands, index fingers and thumbs joined in a circle to indicate "money".

I nearly died laughing.

And while we're on the topic of television, good or bad, check out this Honda Accord ad. After you've watched it, read this.

I know. Holy cow, right?
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