"Si me preguntais de donde vengo,
tengo que conversar con cosas rotas."

-No Hay Olvido, Pablo Neruda
Monday, May 16, 2005

spring break

There are two places in the Philippines that I must visit before I leave: the town of Sexmoan in Pampanga (scroll down until you reach "Pampanga"), and Locoloco* Point, off the southeastern end of Batangas. (Apparently you pronounce the former Sasmuan, but that's no fun; I prefer to pronounce it the English way.)

Unfortunately, there is little time now for me to go gallivanting off to strange corners of the country, so I limit myself to Metro Manila: I spent yesterday afternoon lazing about in the Discovery Suites in Ortigas with K. A hopeless workaholic like myself, K is the one I often take off with for wild adventures - our last one being an impromptu trip to Baguio. Our schedules don't permit these sort of adventures very often, so we tend to be completely hedonistic when we finally do manage to get away.

Yesterday would have been a case in point: soon after meeting up, we changed into our bikinis and headed down to the pool, where we amused ourselves by trying to relax. We failed miserably, ending up swimming laps and stressing out because we couldn't find a pool attendant to bring us towels - apparently in the Discovery Suites, you're supposed to bring your own towel. Nevertheless - I feel a lot like I'm on spring break, K mused, as we surfaced from the pool to rest in between laps. That evening, we bought beer and chips, with plans to hang out at a nearby café after we were done drinking - and ended up falling deeply asleep underneath a pile of pillows and a beautifully huge, fluffy duvet. I still dream, wistfully, of a chance at a week-long vacation where we don't have to do anything but sun ourselves and sleep, but unfortunately I don't think I'm going to have much time to do that in the next couple of years.

At what point, I wonder, can you draw the line at taking advantage of opportunities without worrying that you'll regret it someday?

*Locoloco = crazy. Although technically, Crazy Point encompasses the entire Philippines ...
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