"Si me preguntais de donde vengo,
tengo que conversar con cosas rotas."

-No Hay Olvido, Pablo Neruda
Saturday, May 28, 2005

realm of the surreal

I got this from Ajay.

There are inventions, and then there are inventions.

I have no words. All I can think now is Okay, at least I know what it looks like now so if anyone tries to give me that as a present, I can DETONATE IT IN THE BIKINI ATOLL.

The creepiest part about it is the guy who testifies about buying them for his daughter. It's chilling enough to be stalked without (a) having the stalking done through your panties - I cannot emphasize this enough; and (b) being stalked by your father, of all people.

What is this world coming to, I wonder.
rei tasted red @ 13:49 //